Begin Again.

Well folks, I fell off the wagon. Mostly because I was a secondary lead in a show and didn’t have a moment to myself (let alone time to go to Jazzercise), but I didn’t totally blow it; I was still careful about what I ate, singing, and dancing (nowhere near as intense as Jazzercise), so…

Moving Up: Six Pounds

If you get to the point where things start to feel on the easy side, you’re either doing it wrong (model the instructor’s form as closely as possible) or need to add some weight.

It’s time to move up in life: SIX POUND WEIGHTS, baby. My biceps are ready.

“We both know we ain’t kids no more.”

I am the Jazzercise social-more breaker.

Even in college, I was the brat who constantly moved seats on a daily basis; I never sat in the same spot twice. I like meeting new people and moved to the front or the back of the class depending on how I felt.

Apparently everyone hates that person. xD

Progress: Week 1

As of yesterday, I had gone to six Jazzercise classes in seven days: four hour-longs, and two half-hour strength classes. I made minimal changes to my diet; I didn’t eat EVERYTHING I wanted (there isn’t enough fried sushi in the world to do that, really), but I also was doing more of a general, ‘eat…

The Opera-Jazzercise Connection: Singing!

Have you ever taken a voice lesson or two? Are you a classically-trained singer? Want to improve your voice? Jazzercise may have been the best thing that happened to my singing voice. Now, I was never trained in opera; my training method was Seth Riggs’ Speech-Level Singing Technique, which uses muscles different than those of a…

“Summer arms are made in the winter.”

…Or spring, in my case. Is it weird I’ve never heard that? Truth: The day after a strength 30 class, you will discover muscles you never dreamed you had through teensy-tiny, every-day movements. Everything hurts, but I can feel a difference; there’s a tautness in my back that I’ve never experienced before. Pre-Jazzercise, I would…

Stress Hormones: Melancholy Undertones?

The first few days I Jazzercised, I occasionally found my eyes swimming with tears and a crushing weight in my chest.(No, it wasn’t a heart attack.) I felt like sobbing, and did, in fact, go out to my car at the end of the session and cry once or twice. It wasn’t because it was too…

If a girl goes a-Jazzercising and forgets to wear her Fitbit…

…Did it actually happen? Answer: Yes. It is shocking how demotivational it is to forget that tiny piece of “Little Brother” (who needs 1984‘s Big Brother to watch us when we are content to track OURSELVES?) Still. One hour-long Dance Mixx is about 4500 steps (plus cardio plus weight training). It counts. Don’t stop moving.

Day 4: People who walk, walk circles around those on the couch. 

Yesterday was my day of rest; definitely fell off the deep end and ate all the things that make me fluffy (and nothing a doctor would recommend), but it’s okay. Why? I’m back on my exercise ball with a six a.m. Jazzercise class. 1. “Mambo” and “Tango” sound waaaaay too similar for my liking. XD…

Day 3: Dance Through It

Oh sweet mother of dragons, I am so. unbelievably. sore. My boss-man is super into fitness; he claims the soreness gets better with time. I’m not sure I believe him yet. He’s also one of those crazy people who believes the saying, “No pain, no gain.” I asked the women at Jazzercise what to do…

Day 1: Not Fat, But Not Fit

I’d thought Jazzercise would just be some fun, dancey cardio stuff. A lot of the women there were clearly on the other side of fifty; if they could do it, how hard could it be?

Boy, was I wrong.

That was… intense. Heart-pounding, non-stop movement that made my legs shake with exertion, my biceps burn with the fire of a thousand suns, and sweat stain my shirt.

I’ve dabbled in running, women’s weight training (took a course in college), and general Pinterest nonsense, and none of that held a candle to today.