Day 1: Not Fat, But Not Fit

It is only by the media’s frequently photoshopped standards (or perhaps a modeling agency) that I would be considered ‘fat’. I’m no longer the thin and willowy waif I was in high school, but even then I wasn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, fit.

Here I am today: obligatory ‘before’ pictures-

I’ve always liked my shape, no matter my size; this isn’t so much about wanting to look ‘better’ or ‘skinnier’, but more about strength, poise, and maybe losing a little of that cellulite.

Before I switched careers nine months ago, I weighed 130 lbs; I’ve since watched the scale tip slowly upward and am now at a comfortable 150 lbs. I wish I had photos from earlier so I could compare, but I remember feeling like I still looked… fluffy. Not fat, but clearly not fit. Sure, a lot of how we LOOK is based in one’s diet, but a lot of how we FEEL is exercise. Exercise creates strength. It creates good posture. Heck, I might even get a tiny bit of tone out of it.

So today, I went to Jazzercise, my exercise method of choice.

I’d thought Jazzercise would just be some fun, dancey cardio stuff. A lot of the women there were clearly on the other side of fifty; if they could do it, how hard could it be?

Boy, was I wrong.

That was… intense. Heart-pounding, non-stop movement that made my legs shake with exertion, my biceps burn with the fire of a thousand suns, and sweat stain my shirt.

I’ve dabbled in running, women’s weight training (took a course in college), and general Pinterest nonsense, and none of that held a candle to today.

Thoughts on Day 1:

-Holy cow this is HARD. How are the rest of these women not panting their lips off? Has it really only been ten minutes?

-Oh god. I’m so not coordinated. Am I in that woman’s space? I’m totally in her space.

-STOP CHANGING THE MOVEMENT! I was JUST getting the hang of it! *Gasp*

-Okay, I got this… annnnnnd the song is over.

-Well, I haven’t fallen over. Yet. Wheeze wheeze pant pant.

-We just did…pant-wheeze…three sets of lunges, sumo squats, bicep curls, and shoulder rows in on three-minute song. <–I didn’t do that much in an entire hour of weight training in college.

-Wow. That was actually fun. I think I can do this again tomorrow.

Tips for your First Jazzercise Class:

-You will likely feel totally and utterly uncoordinated as the seasoned pros around you dance it up without so much as a toe out of place. It gets better. Just keep swimming.

-Everyone’s watching the instructor, and no one is looking at you.

Just Keep Swimming
Be Dory, not Marlin, when Jazzercising.

-Yes, even if you kind of fall over.

-Get there early so you can get a spot in the back!

-It’s really okay to pause for a moment to catch your breath. If something is super burny and uncomfortable and you just can’t, stop. Take three breaths. Jump back in.

-It is also okay when a new movement is called out to watch for a few seconds before giving it a shot. <–I fell over less when I allowed myself to pause and observe for a breath.

Alright. I’m signing off for tonight, but…




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