In All Things, Moderation

Some people are pumped to go to the gym–they love to feel their muscles burn, crave the endorphin high from the workout, and worship at the alter of the bench press as if Aegle herself (goddess of radiant good health) would be personally offended were they to miss a single holy day of exercise.

I am not one of those people.

I avoid pain in all its forms. I am clumsy and uncoordinated to an embarrassing degree. Early mornings and sore muscles are proof of God’s vehement dislike of me.

Let’s Be Real.

There’s a sliding scale of health; on one end, there’s greasy pizza topped with french fries coupled with a complete and utter lack of movement. On the other, there’s rabbit food/extreme dietary limitations and working yourself so hard that you damage your joints and need replacements by the time you’re forty. Neither is healthy.

In my world, there seem to be two groups of people: the couch potatoes and the extreme athletes.

My goal is to find a happy medium, to balance the sliding scale of health. It’s a lifestyle change, sure. But spendings hours and hours of my life working out? Eating nothing but rice, protein, and some sort of vegetable? Smug social media humble-brags detailing my every workout? No thanks.

Today begins my epic quest to better health, one moderate step at a time.



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