Day 4: People who walk, walk circles around those on the couch. 

Yesterday was my day of rest; definitely fell off the deep end and ate all the things that make me fluffy (and nothing a doctor would recommend), but it’s okay. Why? I’m back on my exercise ball with a six a.m. Jazzercise class.

How I feel while dancing. Kind of. 😀

1. “Mambo” and “Tango” sound waaaaay too similar for my liking. XD

2. Coordinated arms are going to have to come later. I’m just going to have to flail wildly for awhile until I get the hang of this.

I’m less sore and starting to remember some of the routines, which make it a little easier. I noticed my breathing was a little less strained. Ladies twice my age are still significantly outpacing me, but hey, every day I show up  is progress.


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