Stress Hormones: Melancholy Undertones?

The first few days I Jazzercised, I occasionally found my eyes swimming with tears and a crushing weight in my chest.(No, it wasn’t a heart attack.) I felt like sobbing, and did, in fact, go out to my car at the end of the session and cry once or twice.

It wasn’t because it was too hard, it wasn’t because I was frustrated, and it certainly wasn’t because I hate myself or my body (I’m pretty awesome, c’mon).

In fact, the crushing sadness seemed totally and utterly random.

Confession: Prior to this, I had pretty much moved not at all for about two months (I was at least sort of trying before that). So, I started thinking…

Many people say exercise helps them ‘relieve stress’.

(Personally, I think they’re nuts.)

Exercise tends to cause me mental anguish (which is part of the reason I’m forcing myself to do this six days a week in an effort to be a more chipper person), but I think it may have been a legit physiological reaction to releasing tension.

Is it possible that stress hormones hide out in our muscles and sabotage our efforts to be those weirdly optimistic people?

That was the only rational (albeit not exactly scientific) explanation I could come up with.

It seems to have stopped, but I’ll be fascinated to see if I go longer periods without exercise if that reaction occurs again.


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