The Opera-Jazzercise Connection: Singing!

Have you ever taken a voice lesson or two? Are you a classically-trained singer? Want to improve your voice?

Jazzercise may have been the best thing that happened to my singing voice.

Now, I was never trained in opera; my training method was Seth Riggs’ Speech-Level Singing Technique, which uses muscles different than those of a classically trained opera singer. I’ve been attempting to replicate the technique necessary for a (lower) portion of the “Queen of the Night Aria”.

It was not going well.

This is me, singing to my birds last week; note the wobbly tone, lack of power, off-key, vocal runs lacked clarity and precision. Please ignore the lack of proper German pronunciation:

Flash forward to today.

This is me, one week after starting Jazzercise, singing to my Amazon: stronger power, less wobbly, much better key, and vocal runs are suddenly ‘popping’. It’s still not perfect, but I am no longer terrified to sing this in front of people:

Confession: I have barely practiced this (except to learn the words better).

In one week, having gone to five Jazzercise classes, the difference in my tone and clarity of voice is kind of shocking.

Forget the leg exercises that most trainers will give you to strengthen your core; head to Jazzercise instead. You’ll work those AND so much more.



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