Progress: Week 1

As of yesterday, I had gone to six Jazzercise classes in seven days: four hour-longs, and two half-hour strength classes.

I made minimal changes to my diet; I didn’t eat EVERYTHING I wanted (there isn’t enough fried sushi in the world to do that, really), but I also was doing more of a general, ‘eat more protein/less carbs/more vegetables’ type of thing. No tracking, no restriction.

I have decided I need a better-fitting bathing suit. xD I don’t see too many changes (maybe a little smoother, a little less fluffy), but I do *feel* a bit different.


-I lost about a pound and a half. Down to 149.8 ish. Was 151ish in the middle of last week.

-It seems to be getting easier; I started contemplating moving to a 6 lb. weight instead of a 5 lb. weight for the strength portion of class, but I want to make sure that’s consistent before I take the plunge. Otherwise, my triceps will hate me forever and ever.

-Less winded, less out of breath during the actual workout.

-Size eight pants were quite a bit looser (and falling down frequently). Going to try size six today.

-Soreness went away in two days instead of a full week.

I meant to take these at the same time of day, but daylight savings is throwing me for a loop. Either way. Don’t see a lot of progress on my back, but maybe it will look more obvious next week. Waist may be a touch thinner.



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