“We both know we ain’t kids no more.”

Linda from the TV show Bob's Burgers does the yoga pose, 'Crowning Otter'
Pose: “Crowning otter.”

Me, every day in Jazzercise: “Psh, bend over and lift my heels? That’s not so hard!”

Sixty seconds later…


An aside: I think other people like routine a lot more than I do. I go to a different Jazzercise class pretty much every day, and constantly move spots. Fortunately, I have a super flexible schedule which affords me that, but it’s definitely what I prefer.

This means that I tend to take other people’s spots a lot.

I am the Jazzercise social-more breaker.

Even in college, I was the brat who constantly moved seats on a daily basis; I never sat in the same spot twice. I like meeting new people and moved to the front or the back of the class depending on how I felt.

Apparently everyone hates that person. I wonder if that’s true for Jazzercise as well?


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