Moving Up: Six Pounds

Today, I took a Strength 30 class during my lunch break. I’m also heading to one later this afternoon (because I missed Monday).

A week and a half in, it was easy.

Skull crushers. You can also do these standing, hands going behind your head (elbows at ninety degrees), though the name is probably still something different.

Well, mostly. Core work is still somewhat of a struggle (I have to take rests here and there), but I found that, while my arms were getting tired from the five pound weights, they felt lighter.

And I’m ready to go again. We’ll see how I feel after my second class tonight.

It’s time to move up in life: SIX POUND WEIGHTS, baby. My biceps are ready.

If you get to the point where things start to feel on the easy side, you’re either doing it wrong (model the instructor’s form as closely as possible) or need to add some weight. 

Fact: If you go every day, Jazzercise should get easier. You should become more confident in your exercises, and you should get stronger. You’ll stop benefitting if it’s ever 100% easy.

I will also snag some five-pounders in case we do skull crushers (or some variation of these) again; my triceps aren’t *quite* ready for the full six pounds.

I KNOW, I am SUCH a beefcake.


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